Ridiculous decision

Mayor Campana’s decision to have the basketball rims removed at Memorial Park because of debris surrounding the courts was ridiculous. That’s why we have a Parks & Recreation department.

If you go to any of the baseball games or any other outside event, you’re gonna find discarded beverage containers, food wrappers, and occasionally a forgotten garment.

Furthermore, using cameras just to “capture litterbugs” is wasteful of taxpayer money and asinine.

I take my children there regularly and have not found it to be overly “messy” nor have I witnessed anything that made me feel that the park was unsafe for them. Moving here from a big city, I know what a dirty “trashy” park looks like. I know what the signs of “drug activity” are and that’s not what’s happening in Memorial Park.

There are other helpful, less drastic options like using people on court ordered community service to help with the cleanup like after the Little League games. Do you think putting in a new soccer field or batting cages is gonna lessen the workload? I think not. So was it really necessary?

Clarence S. Ulmer 3rd


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom