Useless committee

The Obama administration and Hillary Clinton do not need a committee to embarrass them. They do a good job by themselves.

Four Americans are killed :

Nothing is done to save them

The military is told to stand down not to help them

An “infamous” video is blamed for the attack

Hillary says “what difference does it make ? “

No one knows where the president was while the attack was going on

Susan Rice is sent out to advance the false narrative of the “video”

They knew shortly after the attack started that it was a terrorist attack. Obama and Clinton stood at the four flag draped coffins and tried to sell the same stuff about the video. If one of these four Americans was your husband, son, father or brother would you like to know the truth? Whom ever told the military to stand down should be prosecuted for treason. If there is nothing to hide why is the administration stone walling and not forth coming with information ?

Stan Kabata


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom

Useless committee

Here we go again with another useless committee on Benghazi, organized specifically to embarrass the Obama administration and presidential frontrunner Clinton. Don’t the House Republicans have anything better to do then waste more time and money on this issue?

It is unfortunate that four Americans died at the hands of the very people who we helped to murder Gadhafi.

Incongruously it was the Libyans who were responsible for Benghazi and not Obama or Clinton.

Meanwhile the Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld debacle in Iraq carries onward with more Iraqis killed every day. Five thousand coalition soldiers and five hundred thousand Iraqis died, millions more Iraqis are suffering and over a trillion dollars were wasted as the result of Bush’s lies and deceit. When is the congressional hearing going to start on the Iraq war?

Ron Kamzelski


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom