VA atrocities

My brother, Ken Temple, served three tours in Vietnam, wounded once, and uses the VA hospital in California. My deep concern is because of the atrocities of double booking that he may have not seen a doctor in time to prevent a stroke.

When will “We the People,” become angry enough to put a stop to this and other misconducts by those we put in office and those placed in jobs by the government? It is time for the citizens to take their own country back.

My heart goes out to all those who have joined the military. They are the forgotten by those we elected as well as the medical profession. The VA doctors took an oath to do all they can for the sick, lame, and injured, seems like doctors forgot about that promise.

If the reader of this message desires to make a difference then my suggestion is to become more involved. How can you do this? Join your local political watch organization or form one. When we all stick together the citizens win, not the politicians.

Ida Temple


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom