Why we Relay

Why we Relay is a common term you may hear this time of year. With many Relay For Life events taking place over the coming weeks and months ahead, I pondered that question myself. Is it because I am a survivor myself and for the many people that have been afflicted with cancer?

It all came to me as I participated in the Jersey Shore Relay for Life as a survivor and committee member. I was approached by another committee member who asked me if I would take a picture of a young girl that was battling cancer. I proceeded to meet this young lady for a picture and what I saw was a vibrant young lady full of life despite her battle with cancer.

At the young age of 13 this young lady was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, when most children her age are enjoying the simple things of being a teenager she was faced with the daunting task of enduring chemotherapy treatment and surgeries to rid her body of the cancer that afflicted her. When her friends heard of the situation she was in, they banded together to support Sara in the battle she was facing.

Her best friend thought the best way we can help Sara is to be there for her and fight the fight with her. Out of the tragedy of her diagnosis came a group of friends that came together and assembled a team to walk in the Jersey Shore relay for life called We Give Hope. To see the smile on this young lady’s face was priceless.

Through it all she had a glow about her that showed when she smiled and the support she had from her friends and family was amazing. Next time we think why do I do this, think about this young lady and the other lives affected by cancer remember these words: That is Why We Relay.

Jeff Welshans


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom