Working alone

I would like to express my appreciation to the mayor of Williamsport, Gabe Campana, for his ability to deal effectively with issues which are very important to this city. The mayor had to deal with the issue of, the destruction of a public park within the city last year. To his credit, he had given the youth that where responsible for the trashing of Memorial Park a chance to keep the park clean and safe. It did not work. Other people promised the mayor they would keep the park clean. I guess they did not mean it.

The city workers are not responsible for the actions of the kids of the city. They should not be subjected to the danger of being stuck by needle. The city should not be responsible to pick up trash, around a 20 feet radius of a empty trash can. These workers have enough to do.

The public expects the parks to be clean and safe. They expect that they can take their children to the park, and feel they can play and have a good time, without fear of the children being stable with drug needles, nor having to be restricted to an area of the park, which doesn’t have trash in it. City Council members do not seem to have an understanding of their elected jobs. They are to look out for the residents. Each of them have driven past Memorial Park and seen the mess. It seems to me they expect the mayor to take the heat for everything. They want re-elected; it may not happen if they get involved.

One Council member, Mr. Williamson, proves my point. He waited til the heat is turned up and chooses to say the mayor was wrong. The mayor has again restored my faith in city government. He has what it takes to run a city as it should be run. I say this knowing that he is using good solid business principles.

Thank you, Mr. Campana, for your decision to deal with issues of this city. I know that you are working alone.

Steve Hertel


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom