An act of kindness

Four and a half years ago my wife and I had a beautiful daughter with long red hair. Everywhere we’d go people would comment about her gorgeous hair. Recently she decided that she would like to have some of her hair cut off and donated, even though she wanted to grow her hair “long like tangled” (her words). Today, we went to Holiday Hair to cut her long signature hair.

She was very nervous. She was also very brave. While preparing to have some of her hair cut off she looked to me for courage although I knew she didn’t need me; I coached her on anyway. A woman sitting next to us getting her hair cut and styled heard us talking and was moved by my daughter’s decision to donate her hair.

When the woman left she paid for my daughter’s hair cut without telling us. It is important to us that we thank that woman. So if you read this, miss, I want you to know that my wife and I truly appreciate your act of kindness.

Lucas Cole


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom