Appropriate title

You labeled Mike Hunt’s letter in the May 29,2014 issue “Offensive”. That was very appropriate.

It’s yet another typical (and, I believe, intentional) misrepresentation of what the Bible actually teaches.

The Deuteronomy and Nehemiah references are not about ethnicity they’re about spirituality.

It was the Satanic warfare against the promised Seed (Gen. 3:15; Gal. 4:4,5) and God’s moves to preserve it. The Corinthians reference has nothing to do with sexual equality.

It teaches that “equal” and “alike” are not synonyms.

Men and women are definitely equal (Gal. 3:38), but we don’t function the same.

And to say “God doesn’t like any other religions” presupposes that none of them are true. It’s not about “bigotry” — it’s about truth versus deception.

The God of the Bible does demand a choice. Blending “the New Testament and other modern schools of thought” is sheer syncretism, and it never works.

God is definitely not a bigot, but people who rip elected Scripture passages out of context whether they think they’re attacking or defending Him will, I’m convinced, answer to him for it!

Steve Losee


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom