Attention, walkers

Attention walkers to the South Williamsport Park.

Do not pitch anymore garbage, trash, etc., in the neighbors’ yards. We are sick and tired of cleaning up after you selfish, uncaring, mindless idiots.

Next time we catch you, you will be turned in for a $500 fine.

We’ve had tin cans, paper plates, 1/2 eaten sandwiches, diaper boxes, dirty diapers, empty 1/2 gallon milk containers, propane tanks (risky at that), school papers, plastic bags, receipts from purchases, etc.

I have quite enough work to do here in my 93 x 158 foot yard without your ugly, unwanted trash dumped here. I’ve even had clothes left at my place, of all things. What’s wrong with your anyway? Where are your parents? Did they not teach you to put trash in containers? You are a lazy bunch of oafs! Ignorant snobs is what you are!

Stephanie Crayton

South Williamsport