Benedict Obama

Judas Iscariot; Benedict Arnold; Alger Hiss; Aldrich Ames. These are some of the more notable turncoats, traitors, back stabbers if you will, that populate history. The name Barack Obama is now, in my opinion, eligible for the list.

Obama’s despicable track record of ignoring his sworn oath to protect and defend the Constitution and the duly enacted laws of this republic is well known: His expansion of welfare, the ‘back door” amnesty policies, the DOJ lawlessness, and the entire ObamaCare debacle are but a few. You can now add his open defiance of the law in releasing the five hardened terrorists from Gitmo in exchange for an Army Sgt. who by all accounts appears to be a deserter and a turncoat himself.

What has to go on in this man’s mind to bring him to the point of allowing five sworn enemies of this nation to be freed and allowed to resume their wanton killing of Americans? To lie to Congress and the American people about the time line of the release negotiations when most of the prison population at Gitmo knew about it months ago? Yes, CPL Bergdahl deserved to be rescued if at all possible. “Leave no man behind” is a time-honored tradition. In fact, his unit and members of the Special forces lost lives in several attempts over the last five years. He also should be charged under the UCMJ as a deserter and likely will be as the truth, which the White House is so desperately trying to bury, comes to light.

The simple fact is that Obama is desperately trying anything anything to keep control of the Senate in his party’s hands, and this unlawful and potentially deadly trade is simply another political ploy ahead of the midterms. Think back to his trumpeting of bin Laden’s killing; to the coverup of the facts about the terror attack on Benghazi then listen to the flacks like Marie Harf of the State Department try to denigrate the very soldiers who were with Bergdahl and change the narrative to whitewash the truth and fool the under informed.

If these five Taliban terrorists succeed in executing more deadly attacks on us anywhere, as I’m certain they will despite John Kerry’s smarmy remarks about the reduction in forces, then the blood will be on Obama’s hands. No amount of spin and lies will keep him and his cohorts from the prison cells that traitors so richly deserve.

Jon Smith


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom