Carnival time

Congratulations to the organizers and many community groups who took part in the Turbotville Community carnival last week. It was obvious that a lot of thought and work went into making it a success.

The food, parades, and bands were great, and the fireworks were a big bonus. Even the weather cooperated to make a memorable week.

I hope that everyone will support the Warrior Run Area Fire Department’s carnival at the Watsontown Park this week with the same enthusiasm and eagerness. The department serves the entire school district and just built a new fire station in Turbotville to better serve the area. In addition to responding to hundreds of fires, accidents, and other emergency calls throughout the year, the mandatory training is long and rigorous, requiring a real commitment from its members. For example, an Emergency Medical Technician now requires 220 hours of training and costs nearly $1,000.

Becoming a level one firefighter is also time-consuming with approximately 175 hours of training. There are several additional firefighter levels, plus hazardous materials training, as well as special classes for officers. Furthermore, practices are held weekly in order to maintain those skills.

Obviously the increased training requirements make it more difficult to recruit new members and are also one of the reasons that the department felt that it could no longer sustain the tradition of holding carnivals two weeks in a row.

Our firefighters spend countless hours training and responding to calls at all hours of the night and day and in all kinds of weather. They deserve support from everyone in the communities they serve.

Bev Staman