City needs a cleaning

I saw where Pete White had a march against the removal of the basketball hoops in Memorial park and Newberry. As they did the march there were three little kids dribbling basketballs on the sidewalk. Very cute, but where were the ones who ruined it for these little kids and had the hoops removed in the first place? It wasn’t 8 and 9 yr olds.? The ones who hog the courts and deal their drugs?

If Mr. White is so worried about it, put hoops up in your neighborhood and see how long that lasts! Have these scumbags come into your neighborhood who are all on welfare, don’t want to work, steal, run drugs, and think they can take over!! I believe they weren’t there because 90 percent of them probably have a warrant out for their arrest!

I think our mayor is tired of trouble here like a lot of people are and is doing what’s needed to eliminate this problem in our town that was never like this. When someone gets shot, they always interview the victim’s family who is grieving but never go to the shooter’s family to see what kind of family life they actually come from.

Where are the parents? Take away their welfare when they commit a crime because they’re out the very same day or next day on drug money bail anyway and right back to the same crap!! Wake up, people! This has to stop! We want our neighborhoods back the way it used to be when everyone got along, kids could play outside without worrying if they’re getting beat up or their sneakers stolen. There were no racial problems, everyone shook hands, and smiled to you in passing, and kids could stay out because their parents knew where they were.

Not like it is now! I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m sick of it! Williamsport needs a good cleaning! Let’s back the mayor!

Keith Miller


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom