Cleaning up the city

I live in the 700 hundred block of Washington Boulevard and I’m tired of pedestrians walking by and throwing trash in my front yard! There’s a trash can by the bus stop so there’s no excuse! I didn’t realize I had a sign in my front yard saying local trash dump! I think this issue needs to be looked into immediately!

Littering is not just happening in our parks it’s happening right in our own yards! I work very hard to keep a nice front yard, it’s not fair to have to pick up the city’s trash and throw it away! I want the city to start paying half of my trash bill! I know there are others who feel the same way, please stand up and speak out!

The mayor wants nice looking parks well we the citizen’s want nice looking yards, not littered up yards to look at! People just walk by and throw their trash in our yards it’s just not right! It needs to stop! Maybe we should go throw trash on the City Hall’s front lawn! How would that look to see trash all over the City Hall’s front lawn? It would look pretty awful wouldn’t it? It would be very upsetting to see that!

Well, that’s how we the citizen’s feel when we find trash in our yards every day and have to pick it up and have to pay to have it hauled away! I’m tired, aggravated, and just plain sick of picking every one else’s trash out of my front yard!

The mayor needs to see to it that there’s more trash cans put along pedestrian walk ways! Also The mayor needs to enforce our litter bug law if it still exists! I hope all who read this can agree with what has been said and respond and speak out!

Tasha J. Sayah


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom