Climate deniers

This is in response to Mr. Phil Underwood’s letter on June 3rd, “Is man the cause of climate change?”

Most of the so-called alarmists, as you put it, aren’t saying that humans are the cause of climate change.

Climate change is an undeniable natural phenomenon proven by scientists, through ice and soil samples, carbon dating, satellite images and other factors.

What they are trying to convey to the world is that by dumping pollutants into the air and oceans, we are creating global warming which accelerates climate change that, strangely enough, will lead us into an ice age that much sooner.

We could slow down this process by cleaning up our act and have more respect for our planet.

The deniers mainly consist of rich industrialists and their lobbyists who stand to increase profits by not having to clean it up. Have you considered that they could be the ones who manipulated data, all in the name of the mighty buck?

In saying it was politicized, it seems to be another Obama-bashing.

After all, if he wants us to use alternative fuels and clean up the atmosphere, it must be wrong.


In closing, I’ll say that if the deniers would pay more attention to what the alarmists are saying, maybe our grand and great-grandchildren would be able to enjoy the beaches and tropical breezes that we all take for granted during our lifetime.

Richard Conway


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom