Controlled thinking

Throughout history there have been attempts by many governments and leaders to control thinking. Jesus Christ did not believe the leaders of the religion of that date. There are other examples in the Bible, I’ll mention just one, the 40 that were marched into a lake; what happened to them? The invasion of Muslims into Europe, this is lacking in the teaching of European history that I was exposed to, what happen to the captives in those countries? I will mention only a few examples of controlled thinking by leaders or governments The Crusades, Napoleon, the invasion of America by European settlers, what happen to the owners of the land at that time? Adolf Hitler, Stalin, North Korea, Iran–you can add to this list.

How is control maintained? Of course there is always the conquering Army. Discipline is maintained by rules with swift examples of shooting or hanging. But fear is a mighty enforcer–fear of torture, separation of family unit, forced labor, imprisonment and not knowing who to trust. Usually the conquers begin to change the education to reflect its view; this view is always correct. Here begins the controlling of thinking.

Here in our country I am beginning to see controlling of thinking slowly taking over. Americans are getting a fast reaction to what one says that is not considered politically correct. Are we caught up in a simplistic life that we are slowly being molded into? Are we being forced in a life space that does not allow us to think critical about our options?

John T. Kovich


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom