Daily cleanup

I was going down Market street yesterday and I came up to the light at 4th and Market and there was a line of traffic. A car had broken down at the light. Cars just kept going around this man who was out of his drivers door trying to push his car and steer it at the same time to get it off the road. From the side I saw a man in dress pants and a nice shirt run to the back of his car and start pushing it for him to get it off the road.

I then turned to go to my destination and I pulled in a parking lot and I saw a man get out of his car with a couple bags.

He bent down and picked up several pieces of garbage on the ground around his car before he headed into the store he was going to. Both of these things just made me smile.

I think sometimes we go about with our lives and don’t look around. Look to the side and help that person whose car is broken down or the elderly person who needs help crossing the street.

Look down and pick up one or two pieces of garbage around you.

If everyone did this just once a day what a wonderful and beautiful world this would be.

Ann Dabback


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom