This pertains to the article in the newspaper, “Online gambling could get a look in Pennsylvania.” I for one think it is despicable and find it detrimental and harmful to family life and it should be properly despised for the well-being of our children. Many already are being abused and neglected because of the availability of alcohol, drugs and tobacco, so why add gambling on the computer in all family homes. Is it so the state will have more money to promote other ways of wreaking havoc with unfavorable laws, that promote and add to the breakup of families in our state? Why is common sense being bred out of the human race? We should be utilizing it instead of destroying it.

Another article in the same edition of the paper was, “Old Lycoming Township water decision overruled.” Our Lycoming County judge has overturned the Old Lycoming Township supervisors initial denial to allow withdrawing 2 million gallons of water a week from a well in their township, with up to 58 trucks coming and going from the site daily. I ask myself the question, why do townships even need supervisors if their decisions are overruled by county judges? Give in to the gas drillers, it will bring more money into Williamsport, while adding more misery, noise, truck traffic and possibly dry wells to the residents of Old Lycoming Township.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.