Disgusted by priorities

Being a retired senior for the past 18 years, I become disgusted when I hear any politician or individual constantly repeat that the top priority in this state is a great education for every child. Are we to take this subject as having priority over the health and welfare of the retired elderly of the state of Pennsylvania? These famous last words are used very effectively to garner votes on election day, because most parents that vote have children or grandchildren.

Our laws and politicians look at the retired elderly as a source of income. The education and welfare of children of today should not be placed ahead of the well-being of our retired senior citizens. They should receive equal consideration and respect, instead of the elderly homeowners being expected to skimp and live their golden years on the verge of becoming vagrants trapped in their own homes, because our state and federal government reserve the right to demand a fifth of every Social Security check made out to the retired elderly who own their homes.

If as much effort was put forth to correct this unfair and unethical calamity, brought on by no fault of our own, it would lessen the inevitable fear which most senior citizens possess upon nearing retirement age.

All stages of life are equal when it comes to care, consideration, devotion, equality, respect and dependency. Dependency is the way we start out as a baby. Most then rely on dependency in their latter years of life. Today’s elderly were financially instrumental in contributing to the last three generations of our lives. That was our contribution as we see it. How today’s parents and working-class Americans decide to handle our education system should be of no concern to the retired elderly, who are struggling to survive in our Golden Years.

It’s time for the younger generations to step up to the plate. Every swing won’t be a home run, but enough base hits will score runs, which are needed to win the game.

Weldon C. Cohick