No new party

While I find Mr. Mannello very perceptive and intelligent he misjudged in his letter about the Tea party. The Tea party is not ‘new’ it is nothing more than a new name for an old ideology, conservatism.

A conservatism that harks back to the John Birch society. The only ones who truly fear the Tea party are republicans as they have manage to make the GOP unable to govern. They have caused a huge rift within the GOP.

Their views are so divergent from the general population as well as the GOP itself.

Rep. Eric Cantor lost his re-election bid and now people think that the Tea Party is powerful. It will not be a member of the Tea party who takes Cantor’s once lofty leadership role in Congress.

Don’t worry about Mr. Cantor, he will be working for one of the many conservative organizations that wield a lot of influence and money for republicans.

Don’t be surprised if he shows up on Fox News as a commentator with his own show.

The Tea party is not ‘new’, they are not powerful, nor are they according to recent polling viewed favorably by the public.

The Tea Party has become rigid, inflexible and unyielding in their strictness to conservative values and philosophy.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom