Not enough care

It was a relief to learn in the Sun-Gazette that the Hoagland Run Road tanker crash only “produced water” and not some poisonous, carcinogenic or sometimes radioactive waste. Dick Cheney and the energy industry made it a law that these well wastes are not hazardous waste and must be classified as simply residual waste.

Gov. Corbett and his gas industry cronies tell us these wastes are chemicals and compounds commonly found under our kitchen sinks. Unfortunately we do not know since Cheney’s law also protects drillers and frackers from having to fully disclose the chemicals they use. In any other industry they would be fully revealed and disposed of properly after using in a site designed for hazardous materials. These wastes are now simply dewatered and thrown in a landfill made for household or construction debris.

Regrettably, few people appear to care what harm may be created. Most only look at the impact fees and royalties being generated. The attitude in our area seems to be to let our grandkids and future generations worry about pending problems from gas development.

Ron Kamzelski


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom