Obama not weak

State legislators recently proposed a change to Pennsylvania’s special education funding formula. I think it was a good idea to examine the formula. But, as a special education teacher at a cyber charter school, I have one major problem with the proposal: most special education children at charter schools will receive less than their public school counterparts — a lot less.

The problem is that the new formula only applies to school districts for the $20 million of proposed new special education funding from the state, while it applies to all of the funding for charter schools, which are public schools too. In addition, districts are allowed to deduct certain expenses that charters don’t have such as transportation before applying the formula’s multiplier for district students that attend charters, which means charter students get even less.

Families with children needing special education often do a lot of research and go through one or more schools before they find a good fit. We should not be essentially penalizing these children for choosing a different method of public education, which in most cases, works best for them.

I will leave it up to the experts to work out formula details, but I only ask our local Senators and Representatives to ensure that this legislation is equal for all of our special education students.

President Obama isn’t perfect; he has his fair share of faults, but I wouldn’t call him “weak.”

I’m convinced that had the United States attempted to “crush” Russia over Crimea, World War III would have broken out and by now no one would be left to argue over whether or not Crimea was worth fighting over.

Ronald Reagan ordered our troops out of Lebanon after a truck loaded with high explosives destroyed

Sarah Carr


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