Proud Millionaire

This week I graduated and when people ask me, “Where do you go to school?” my answer will no longer be, “Williamsport Area High School”. I will no longer make the twenty-minute commute up the hill, or walk in that warren of hallways. And people will stop giving me that look, that, “I’m sorry, couldn’t your parents buy a house somewhere else?” look.

Williamsport Area is seen as the lesser of the high schools. We have the most problems. We have a permanent policemen, and parole officer. We have riots and fights and gang violence. This, unfortunately, isn’t slander, because we do. But we also have an award-winning music program, and superb teachers. We have a great Career and Technical Education program, and this year we had the most Nation Merit Scholars in the area. Every school in the area has bright kids, talented kids, kids who are going places. And that’s the real problem. Williamsport High School has issues but that doesn’t mean that those short comings should be allowed to overshadow everything that’s good about us.

All the kids, from all the districts, have the same community base. We live in the same area, we go to the same grocery stores, the same churches, even the same mall. We read the same paper, and when we do, it seems for all the world that Williamsport is objectively worse, when, in truth, we’re just different. Not that the paper should write glowing editorials, or ignore our failings. We all need to be kept humble, reminded of where we need to improve. But we don’t need to feel that we’re inferior, because we’re not.

So, while the school on the hill is no longer my school, I’ll always be Millionaire proud.

Sabrina Emms


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom