Religious freedom

I know that just as surely as we have constitutional safeguards to keep and bear arms that we also have ones to allow freedom of religion. When some politician or anti gun cultist proposes a measure that portends to limit or curtail the second amendment gun owners become rightly defensive. Likewise, many Christians see moves that, in their opinion, limit expression of their faith as a possible attack on the First Amendment.

Tolerance means to practice an orderly means of boundaries without defaming or infringing on the rights of those who believe differently. While government money should not be used to pay for items related to support of religious propagation neither should there be, for example, a war waged against bakers whose profession of faith tells them it is against God to embrace or give support to homosexual marriage. Christians should not expect, nor desire for that matter, funding from the government and those who espouse beliefs contrary to Christianity should not bring suit to force their beliefs on those of faith who have conscientious objections to some of the changing mores of our society. Christians – fund your own projects. Those seeking homosexual marriage – find another baker. Live and let live everybody. In the end, the truth will prevail. In love, and in a spirit of the interest of others, we can share our beliefs about the after life without compromising attitudes of tolerance.

Mike Hokkanen


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom