Same old story

Regarding the article on May 28, Page B-4, “Gas Well proposed in Loyalsock-Eldred Township “:

There will be truck traffic on Warrensville Road whether the well is drilled at the proposed site or elsewhere in this general area. It seems to be located mostly or all in Eldred.

Where the well site is proposed to be, there would seem to be no possibility of debris getting near the mentioned home, which is not particularly landscaped.

Prevailing winds would probably not carry dust to the same area, but if it did, the rain would soon wash it away, just as it does to the pollen that comes from the trees in the area each spring.

In six months, it is done – there are few sites in the Loyalsock-Eldred area where residences will not be affected.

It seems like this is the same old story; whether it happens to a group home, a half-way house, a new prison or many other things.

Build it or drill it as needed – but don’t do it in my neighborhood.

Yet when it comes time to get lease money or royalty checks, make sure you spell my name correctly on the check as I wanted to spend the money.

Laurence E. Klees

Eldred Township