Stopping bullying

I think that people need to realize the types of bullying that happen within our schools and also on trips like, for example, a senior trip.

I get picked on from everyone just because of sexuality, my weight and height, my running speed, everything right down to the part of how I was born.

I just think that if we really care about our kids then we need to start controlling this issue and not letting the kids do whatever they want in school and also the reason why I think that we need to realize this now is because with everyone picking on me and bullying me, I have tried to commit suicide at least 250 times and the only one that stopped me was God.

I also think that kids these days think they can do anything they want either it being inside of school or outside of school and I think we need to have better discipline at our schools and at home and also tougher laws against bullying and everything else. Also make sure friends are true friends and not fake friends who will back stab you.

Scott Schanbacher


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom