Their creation

A group of gun owners in Texas has focused national attention on conceal and carry laws. This group even had the NRA step forward and tell them that they are over stepping the meaning of the law of conceal and carry. That they were frightening the public with their actions. The group did not back down and basically told the NRA to butt out.

The NRA and pro-gun factions have fed the beast and now they have a monster on their hands. People and groups becoming more aggressive with their guns and the ownership of them. Scaring law abiding people in the process. They are not only thumbing their noses at the federal authority but local as well. They have guns and they will use them as they see fit. No laws are going to tell them what they can do. They are not even going to listen to the NRA.

How are these people law abiding when they scare the public? How are they law abiding when the defy local, state and federal authority with guns aimed at the representatives of that authority?

Conceal and carry laws and stand your ground laws were created to protect law abiding citizens. What happens when those laws don’t protect law abiding citizens and even has the NRA concern where those laws are heading?

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom