Volunteer, please

You are sitting there watching TV, getting bored to death watching another rerun. Then your scanner goes off three [3] tones. Tioga County to department #? Structure fire, your ears perk up and you listen. Is it a relative, neighbor, a close friend or a business that could put a few or a large number of people out of work?

You turn the TV down and listen closer, the chiefs are responding, the first due truck is under way. Then you hear the chief give an on scene report, smoke coming the rear of the building, first engine attack with lines through the front of the building, second engine attack from the back, third engine catch the hydrant at the corner and supply the engines on scene .

As you listen to your scanner you hear two tones; there is now a traffic accident just east of town. You turn the TV off as you imagine yourself as one of the volunteers responding, the adrenalin pumping through you. Then it hits you you are just setting on the couch being a spectator.

Did it ever occur to you that you could be one of the volunteers driving an engine or a firefighter on a hose line going into a burning building? You could be the EMT helping at the traffic accident or a fire police directing traffic around the scene to keep the firefighters and EMT’s safe. While protecting the public from getting hurt and out of the volunteers way so they can do their job protecting your homes, businesses as well as the victims of an accident or land rescue.

If you would like to be one of the volunteers in the middle of the action instead of the person setting on the couch listening to the scanner, stop by your local fire station and talk to a volunteer firefighter. They will show what your neighbors and friends are doing to help your community and put some excitement in your life.

Be someone on the inside, not the person on the sideline waiting for someone else to save the life of someone you love or your friends home, get off the couch and help.

Dale Howey

Life member

Wellsboro Fire Department