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No president that has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of The United States may bypass Congress and form secret committees to perform such an act as the recent Bergdahl release. I am all for saving Americans and bringing them home but this looks suspicious as to who he chose when his father speaks praising Allah during a White House briefing.

Catering to the radical Muslim religion of hate and destruction! If this soldier was indeed a deserter, which appears to clearly be the case, why him before the others that are being held for religious reasons or clear accidental crossings of borders right below Texas? Mr. President . . . you just released five very angry terrorists into the hands of others that will pump them up to perform acts of terrorism that will probably dwarf whatever they did in the past!

Susan Rice has started her spin on things again giving her “imaginary explanations and untruths” to the entire ordeal. Why does she still work in Washington so closely to the man that is supposed to be working for the American people?

If anyone has seen Any of the video that has been released, you can clearly see that this deserter has been “brainwashed” and does not deserve to be on any street in our country. He will most certainly become another Fort Hood Muslim sympathizer and cause some form of pain and suffering to others here.

The act of making a clear enemy bolder by offering to compromise with them is a move that is made by a person that has child-like methods of solving problems. Our president is mocked around the world and noted by other leaders as being nowhere near qualified to understand the scope of the world and how things are supposed to be handled in these manners. He not only endangered the people and places within the U.S., but he also endangered those who are allies such as Israel and many of the places that we have embassies and bases to help to stabilize and keep peace.

This act of bypassing Congress is an impeachable offense.

How many of these terrorists that caused death and destruction will be swapped to their base camps to prepare for their next round of terror?

Steve Hunter

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom