Now let me get this straight. On the one hand:

Christians acknowledge they have sinned. They have blithely and repeatedly broken God’s laws. They say there is nothing they can do to merit entrance into heaven. Only because God is good and because he loves us, has he forgotten and overlooked all of their past offenses. God has acted decisively to end our alienation and bring us back into his family. God has granted Christians a totally unmerited free pass. God has granted them amnesty. And they believe God will forgive them the way they forgive those who have sinned against them. And many believe this is a Christian nation.

On the other hand:

There are an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants here in the United States. They broke our laws by coming to our country, whatever their reasons. Most have lived here for decades and raised families. They know they broke the rules, but beg for a way to earn a right to stay. At the same time, many Christians sing alleluia every Sunday for the amnesty God has granted in sparing “a wretch like me,” they will not even consider extending the kind of amnesty they received from God to enter the Promised Land to those illegally in our country who want to find a way to earn the right to continue to live here.

Christians tell these sojourners in our land: “Hey, I got a free pass to the Promised Land. Soyou want a piece of my turf? . Well, you can go the hell back to where you came from. Amnesty’s for me, but not for you.” Or as a friend likes to say: “Shrink the piejust not my piece.” JESUS SAVES – ME!”

So when nativist “Christians approach the pearly gates, they should not be surprise when the Good Lord says: “Hasta la vista, baby.”

Tim Mannello


Submitted by E-Mail