Ban says a lot

Today is a sad day in my hometown of Williamsport and the surrounding towns in our county of Lycoming. The decision by South Williamsport school district to refuse to allow the play “Spamalot” to be put on may at first seem not entirely incomprehensible. For those who have ever seen the show, it is certainly raunchy, albeit no more than the increasingly popular “Book of Mormon.” However, the reason for the banning of the show is completely ludicrous in our day in age.

Nineteen of the 50 states in this union have now legalized Gay Marriage. This includes our own state of Pennsylvania, which had a ban overturned by our state’s court system in May. Our governor, Tom Corbett, despite his own views pertaining to the matter, has refused to act against its adoption on the grounds of its constitutionality held by our court, the Supreme Court of the United States, and continuing precedent around the country for its legal status. For those who may not understand that concept, it means that a ban on same sex marriage in Pennsylvania is unconstitutional.

So when Mr. Smith imposed a ban on “Spamalot” due to its scene in which two male cast members go through a marriage ceremony, can you imagine my, and many others’, surprise?

Where you stand on this issue need not apply in this instance, and if you stand against it you are of the minority in this country. With a majority of our citizens now staunchly supportive of the gay marriage movement, and history siding with it, including national adoption likely only 2-3 years away, how can our small town condone such an action?

Five years ago, I moved to New York City to begin my adult life. Moving to the city certainly opened my mind, but one need only head down to center city Williamsport to find that homosexuality in our town is present and thriving. I would guess that not a single person in our town has not been affected, or likely admires, a gay individual in our community! I know I do! Many are close, personal friends of mine who I adore and love with all of my heart. They love as much as I do; they are amazing parents, citizens, and human beings. To condone anything less than pure equality is to undermine the very progress our country has made in these past few years.

Spamalot does not “push” gay marriage on anyone. Rather, it states the obvious: This country is moving forward with gay civil rights, and the majority is with us.

I suggest the South Williamsport School District, immediately and without condition apologize to the gay community in this town and around the country. Whether you allow “Spamalot” to move forward in your school district is ultimately your decision, but the reasoning must be sane and analytical, not divisive and moronic.

Bryant Rockoff


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom