Different view of fair

The July 19 edition of the Sun-Gazette carried an article about the seemingly growing and greatly attended Lycoming County Fair “swarms of fairgoers”–was euphemistically used. What I observed was quite different.

At approximately 3:45PM on “Senior Day” there was virtually no one walking around the midway. Three-fourths of the vendors were either not present or not open for business. The “industrial” building was only two-thirds occupied with exhibits. One other building was completely empty. There were NO farm implements, tractors, lawn tractors or ATV’s anywhere on the fairgrounds! Exhibits in many buildings were sparse. People, in general, were absent! And I am not alone in my observation.

Perhaps it is time the Fair “fathers & mothers” decrease the number of days to five or six, instead of the present number. They should also consider opening the fair, and beginning activities late in the afternoon–say after 4:30PM, because almost no one shows up until then anyway! This is definitely not a “daytime” fair as it used to be!

In addition, the “one price fits all” admission ticket is a disaster for people who do not wish to ride any of the amusement rides! Senior citizens and those who do not wish to ride anything should not have to pay the same price of admission as those who wish to ride! Many people I know, no longer come to the fair for this reason. And please do not compare the price to other fairs; this is the one we would prefer to attend.

It’s time to put on your thinking cap, Fair Board, assuming you can think.

Ronald G. Montgomery


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom