As I “rode out” yet another thunderstorm with the usual wind, rain and Mother Nature’s fireworks last evening, I was praying no one would be injured or their homes damaged. That was especially true of my own.

I was recently informed by my home insurance carrier that quote my policy was being “…cancelled due to the frequency and number of storm damage related claims…”.

This company has been my insurance provider since 1964, and yes, there’ve been lightning and storm damage claims over the years, and of course, who can forget the hail storm of 2007 that left much of Muncy looking like a “blue roof” town due to all the tarps covering damaged and leaking roofs until repairs could be made. My home is in an area surrounded by trees and a small woods behind.

Trees and parts thereof have fallen over the years, including last year when several came down in the neighborhood, hitting outbuildings, a garage and more.

A year ago, during a thunderstorm, lightning struck a transformer and a power surge resulted which destroyed my central air conditioner. The insurance company has used all types of “reasons” for refusing to pay the claim.

So, when thunder roars, I not only go indoors per the “experts”, I also pray no damage occurs inasmuch as I’ve yet to receive written notification as to the exact date my policy has been cancelled, just a phone call informing me of that fact. Thus I haven’t yet had the opportunity to find new coverage.

I respectfully suggest, for your own protection, everyone contact their insurance company to ascertain they have coverage, even for multiple damage claims, since the storms in recent years appear to be not only more frequent but more damaging so you don’t get the same nasty surprise I did!

Charles O. Little


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom