Due for a revolution

If we think back to our 10th grade U.S. History course, we remember learning about the American Revolution and the brave men and women that fought for this country. Colonists were upset about being taxed without elected representatives. While we have elected representatives now, few of them actually listen to what “we the people” say, and few follow the Constitution. President Barack Obama has recently made news headlines for his “executive orders” to implement his policies, completely bypassing Congress. Thankfully, the Supreme Court has stopped his most recent attempts. However, my faith in President Barack Obama is about as low as it can get.

I am a part of the millennial generation, which is quite often accused of not caring about things, not being committed, and being uneducated about politics, world affairs, and other various things of importance. Of course, I defy and abstain from being defined by this generic definition of millennials, but I do agree that it does define most of my generation. No one wants to get involved anymore. There is little sense of patriotism, because there is little commitment to anyone, anything, and especially to our country.

Despite those negative allegations of millennials in this country, there is a revolution beginning. It’s been in the works ever since there has been push back from “we the people.” The American Revolution didn’t start with a bang, it didn’t start with a mass of people running to our representatives saying, “please start a war, I want to get involved!” People back then didn’t want to get involved. No one ever wants to get involved at first. Commitment is scary. It makes us vulnerable to people’s judgments and criticisms. “There’s nothing we can do about President Barack Obama and his “pen and telephone,”” we are told. Lies. All lies. It has been done before, and I believe it will be done again.

There are a few Congressmen and women willing to fight, and are willing to go against the popular view of carelessness and avoidance of conflict. These men and women today are just like the men and women that began the American Revolution. I have no doubt that if we were to read a first hand account of the beginnings of the Revolution, it would include writings of being afraid of defying the power of the King of England. Does President Obama see us, “we the people,” as unimportant, uninformed, uneducated people who will just go with whatever he says? The King of England was certainly treating the colonists that way, as he didn’t believe they needed elected representatives. In the King’s mind, the colonists were there to work and to benefit him and his agenda. Are we only here to benefit President Barack Obama and his liberal-socialist agenda? Absolutely not. Is there another revolution brewing? It’s about time the United States of America got back to where we started. This country is due for a revolution.

Susan Barrows

Jersey Shore

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom