Excusing wrongdoings

Enabling that which is illegal and corrupt!

Why do we make excuses for the wrongdoings in the world; (harming others from children to adults, stealing, drugs, lying politicians, etc.)?

On June 30, the U.S. Supreme Court finally protected citizens, (babies to businesses), of the injustices by corrupt individuals. Do you believe them; especially politicians, are literally selling their souls to those committing atrocities against society?

Many of those that we have elected refuse to abide by the Constitution.

Moreover, we keep voting them back into office. What is wrong with us? Have we become so negative that we have stopped trying?

I realize that we are supposed to show empathy for those who have grown old, (Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi), but President Obama is not that old.

If Obama has not gained knowledge or the wisdom on serving the people and honoring the Constitution, then he, along with the old folks, must never represent the people of the United States of America, ever again.

We must ask ourselves, how did those three ever get re-elected? Are they such good bull. . . . . . . that their words are heard as gospel? Is not one of the Ten Commandments “That shall not lie”?

This year, 2014, is the year every citizen stands up and says enough is enough. How can we achieve this? We go ou

t in droves to the polls of the General Election and show that our votes are not silent any more.

Citizens, stand up and quit complaining!

You and I will send the message, straighten up your act or you are fired!

Ida Temple


Submittted by Virtual Newsroom