For nature lovers

Those of you who are nature lovers, check the pond in the Game Lands that is just off Route 44 about 3 miles north of the Allenwood red light. It was beautiful and full of wildlife. I have caught 20 inch bass there, seen frogs, snakes, bear, large carp, sunnies, crappie, bluegills, ducks, Dobson flies, Mayflies, geese, etc.

Well, it’s a deathtrap now about 5 inches deep and the size of a large living room and getting smaller. The aquatic life there is suffering terribly and trying to survive but boards have been removed from the outflow and the last boards are leaking and rotten down to ground level. It is not a normal drawdown in my opinion; it is just really poor management or our precious wildlife in my opinion. Check it out, it will make you sick to your stomach that someone in charge of wildlife would do this to it.

Donald L. Wright


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom