Honesty, please

In his latest work of legerdemain, “Greed is Good”, Tim Mannello uses all of the tricks of misdirection and misrepresentation common to those with a point to make, but no leg to stand on.

After titling his work, “Greed is Good” he never uses the word greed in the letter. Instead, he purposely tries to confuse greed with self interest. What he doesn’t get is that he is talking about everyone, including himself. Did he as a “hospital administrator” refuse the salary because it was higher than others who worked at the hospital, or was he self interested?

All of the people who apply for government assistance do so out of self interest; are they all greedy? Every person who works for a living does it out of self interest; are we all greedy?

No Tim, we are not! Self interest is necessary for survival. Greed is self interest unbridled by any concern for others. Those who go to any length to enrich themselves without a care for how their actions affect others are greedy, as are those who demand that others meet their needs without any concern about its affect on those others.

Mr. Mannello also unfairly and inaccurately stated that the Republican Party believes “YOU are on your own” and the Democratic Party believes “WE are in this together.” It would be more accurate to say that Republicans believe in self reliance which is a requirement for maintaining freedom.

If Democrats really believed that we are all in this together, wouldn’t they insist that everyone contribute? The truth is that we are all in this together and it won’t work if 47 percent of us don’t pay any income taxes and over 50 percent of us are collecting some kind of government payment.

Paul Rinker


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom