Independence Day

On the Fourth of July, Fox News had a special interview with random people on the beaches in California, Maryland, Boston and other places. The average age was from 20 to 50, middle class and educated college people. The questions asked were about American history and our forefathers and presidents and politicians. There was only one person that answered three questions right.

These are simple questions. Example: Who was George Washington? Second president. John Adams? Beer. Lincoln? Confederate president. What war? U.S. and China or Russia. Who won? Give me liberty of give me death? Who said that? Who did we fight for liberty in the Revolution war? China, Russia, France. Meaning of Cold War with Russia? Because it is cold in Russia. Who attacked us at Pearl Harbor? Russia, Koreans, China, France.

What is the Fourth of July? Fun and fireworks.

And as if this wasn’t bad enough, there were pictures of Romney, Boehner, Carter, Biden, FDR and Bush and the Movie star Reagan. None were familiar!

It is apparent that our schools are not teaching our children about our forefathers who fought and died for our freedom or about the constitution or the bill of rights or that Gen. George Washington freed us from England and their oppression. That we were in the first world war against Russia or the Civil War to stop the South from succeeding from the Union for taxes and slavery or the Indian wars for the government to take their land and put them on reservations and destroy their way of life. Then the Spanish and American War at the Alamo. Then the second World War against Germany and Teriany. Then the Korean War and the Vietnam Warm, the Gulf War and Iran and Afghanistan.

How can we learn how to prepare for our country’s future if we do not know about our past? The young people do not vote or do not understand how important our government is and they work for us.

Other people say there isn’t anything they can do about the problems and trouble the country is in. One answer: Speak up and vote. Get rid of politicians that are not working for our benefit. How sad.

Sharon Galbraith

Beech Creek