July 4th recognition

Another spectacular Fourth of July fireworks in Williamsport.

For several years, we have found “our” spot to view the fireworks. The “music” has been endured. But not it is time to express our feelings.

The fireworks are certainly the biggest part of the celebration. However, shouldn’t the music also be a significant part? From 3 to 9:30 p.m. we hear sounds that can be heard on the radio, CDs, etc., whenever anyone desires.

The bands’ repertoires certainly do not celebrate the day. This year they were louder, expressed with screaming and certainly had no sense of national pride. In fact, there was only a handful of people who were seemingly appreciating the “music.” We all have loved ones and friends who are sacrificing, fight and even dying for our country. Can’t we recognize one day in an honoring way?

It is now time that a different type of music be used so people can recognize the purpose of the day, rather than just a few songs during the fireworks. my suggestion for the coming years is for totally patriotic music. Selections must be presented in an honoring way – no screaming or loud unbearable guitars. People of all ages should be able to enjoy and feel the patriotic spirit. Our area is politically conservative and the majority might be thankful for this change. The others may choose their musical preferences the next day.

The suggestion will demand a change of bands and styles. Perhaps a group of Callers and square dancers; a Dixie Land band; Blue Grass musicians; old cowboy-type music; groups with a more traditional older and contemporary national-type flavor.

Many are realizing our nation is not the same. Let’s continue a patriotic spirit even musically. Let’s teach our children and teens to celebrate a National day in an appropriate manner. They might just like this change of entertainment and have fun!

Eleanor R. Pauling