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Recently, in Cleveland, Ohio, there was another police shooting. Two un-armed civilians were killed. A Cleveland policemen was outside his squad, when a man and a woman drove by. This officer ‘thought’ he heard a gunshot coming from their vehicle, jumped in his car, called for backup, and a pursuit ensued. It must have been some chase.

These people did not pull over, and they were wrong for that, so I thought, initially. Police fired 136 rounds during the pursuit. During all of this, the officer that started the whole thing fired 45 rounds himself. Once the vehicle was stopped, this man jumped on the hood of the ‘suspects’ car, and fired 15 rounds into to the car. Both occupants were killed.

The man was hit 23 times, the woman 24 times. Ninety rounds went Lord knows where. Five supervisors were suspended for allowing the pursuit and situation to get out of control. The officer that started the mess was suspended and faces two charges of manslaughter. Manslaughter? More like cold-blooded murder!

Everytime there is a police shooting this happens. Scores of rounds are needlessly fired. This is not just the fault of the any police department; it’s society’s fault, regarding guns and ‘marksmanship’. Everyone is taught to shoot until the target is nuetralized. I understand that such situations are extremely pressurized, but this shooting as fast as you can, reloading, shooting all of that ammo, reloading and doing it again, is foolishness and needs to cease!

I’m not anti-law enforcement. I live in Watsontown, and I’d put every one of our cops up against any bigtime city police department in any phase, anytime, anywhere. If you are that trigger happy. If you cannot control your emotions any better than that. If your so-called ‘marksmanship’ is that bad, then, maybe being a police officer is not for you, and you should find a job in a different field. Just sayin’.

Jeffrey S. Rachau


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom