Millions came

Over the history of this great country, millions and millions and millions came to America. They obeyed the rule to become U.S. naturalized citizens. They learned the language, got a job, obeyed the law and, most important, required their children to become educated. They could see from their entry-level employment, there was no future for their children. Millions of their children became doctors, nurses, lawyers, judges, educators, owners of start-up businesses, and the list goes on. If only they had waited for the current president, the open borders would have meant a free income without working for it, housing, health care, and the list goes on and on and on. There is no way to predict where we would be today, as a nation, if immigrants of years gone by adopted the philosophy of the current border crossers.

On the other hand, is our current president slapping the rule followers on their face? You be the judge.

John T. Kovich