Obama’s scandals

Richard Nixon resigned the presidency because of his cover up of the break-in to the Democratic headquarters at the Watergate Hotel by members of his administration.

In comparison, the scandals, cover ups and crimes of the Obama administration are so numerous it would take half the newspaper to list the details. You all know the main ones; Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, the VA and the release of 5 top terrorists.

We have a president and his administration who have complete contempt for our Constitution, and they continue to prove it nearly every week.

So what has changed since Nixon resigned … well, in those days, citizens cared, and the media cared. The majority of citizens demand honesty and integrity from our leaders. The citizens expected our leaders to adhere to our Constitution and held them accountable when they did not.

Now, one word sums up the problem … apathy. Make no mistake, the Obama administration knows it. Obama will continue to misrepresent, lie and omit, even under oath in Congressional hearings, because unlike 40 years ago, the average citizen could care less.

Jay Frey