Our borders

I am outraged that our president and our congress refuse to do anything to secure our borders and updating our policies for illegal immigrants. It is evident that the president is choosing the decline of America by opening the door for these people to secure votes for the Democratic Party and destroy our jobs and insurance and safety.

We cannot afford to take care of any more people who are dependent on assistance that puts a burden on the working people. Now our government wants to pay these countries that these people come from to take them back at our expense, ridiculous! No other country would allow you to cross their border illegally. You would be put in jail or shot. It is time to change the constitution as the open door policy to America is being abused.

We can protect other countries and their borders, but cannot protect 2,000 miles of our own from illegals. We have the Army, Navy, Air Force, Border Patrol and the National Guard and we still cannot stop the influx. It would be better to stop them to return them at our expense.

Maybe we can trade 48000 illegals for the one American in the Mexican jail?

Sharon Gailbraith