Regarding the fair

I have been told time and time again that someone needs to look into the ways this fair has been run by the families.

Perhaps we need to do an address the lack of attendance and entertainment at the Lycoming County Fair.. Cost of admittance and food, Lack of vendors and decent entertainment drives people away. Empty stands, quiet midway. The Lycoming County Fair blames lack of natural gas company support as reason we cant have great entrainment like other fairs..

The place is starting to look like a ghost town. Empty vendor spots, and car dealer ship cars seem to fill up most of what use to be a memorable place to be for 1 and half weeks in July for so many years in the past. Today talk of the town is we will not go. It costs too much and there is nothing worth going for. We lost our exotic animal building and decline in locals competing in crafting and food competitions.

This year the fair even had to put a drivers wanted ad for the local Demolition Derby in the East Lycoming Shopper.. The derby used to be one of the biggest hits at the fair. If Turbotville can take there carnival back and be a success, then why can’t we do the same with our fair…

People are not asking for a free hand out, just simply something worth paying for.

Owen Star


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