Regarding the Redskins

The Washington Redskins and the National Football League have the legal right, at least so far, to proudly keep the name “Redskins” as the official name of its Washington franchise.

Both retain that right even though dictionary definitions describe this term as “a usually offensive term” referring to Native Americans. After all, we are a free country.

And I am sure those who are supporting the retention of the right to use this degrading term to describe an NFL football team in the capital city of the freest nation on earth would have no problem if the franchise decided to throw caution about “political correctness” to the wind and changed its name tomorrow to the Washington N, the Washington Dagos, the Washington Polacks, the Washington Micks, the Washington Hymies, the Washington Krauts, the Washington Frogs, the Washington Spics, the Washington Honkiesyou get the idea.

Such a change might be legal, but at a time when we don’t need it, it would make us even more divided than we already are.

Tim Mannello


Submitted by E-Mail