Sidestepping Congress

Republicans are complaining because Obama threatened to sidestep Congress to get policy enacted. Since when are the Right such big fans of Congress? If Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney were president, would conservatives even mind if they “sidestepped” Congress?

The truth is that Obama said that he would reduce Executive Privilege when he was elected president. Sidestepping Congress is a breach of that promise. Why would Obama do this?

Maybe it has to do with the fact that Obama is the most blocked president in United States history. There hasn’t been a president in United States history who has had as many actions blocked by Congress.

I’ve heard plenty of people on the Right complain that Congress gets nothing done. Maybe Obama feels that Congress isn’t getting enough done.

Personally, I’m not someone to just blindly follow any leader. I have supported some of Obama’s policies and opposed others. I also think George Bush Jr. made some good and bad decisions.

I really like the way Obama is trying to hold the wealthy responsible to the working class. Obamacare makes the wealthy accountable to their employees. Hobby Lobby and other companies recently came out and said they would violate the law by not paying for their employee’s contraception. If they don’t pay for it, the employees just end up going to Planned Parenthood and having our tax dollars pay for it. Similar to how Wal-Mart has half of its employees collecting taxpayer funded insurance from Assistance Offices.

Michael Shulski