That term was one used by the pre-Gen X folks to describe a kid who got everything they wanted from their parents. It seems to me one of those kids now runs the country. He continually says that if Congress doesn’t give him what he wants, he’ll do it himself (by executive order). Now the Progressive/Left’s “devil incarnate”, George W. Bush, used executive orders too. A total of 291 during his term with most of the earlier ones amended or revoked by newer statutes. And none that went around Congress. Not even involving the Left’s favorite “punching bag”, the Iraq War.

Who was “deeply saddened” when, during the last State of the Union speech, our President declared if he doesn’t get what he wants, he will go around Congress. Who was “deeply saddened” when all the Prog/Leftists stood up and applauded that statement. That was just as bad as when the Prog/Leftists, at their 2112 convention, “denied Jesus” three times when they were asked to keep “God” in their party’s platform. Was the DNC chairman’s name Peter by any case?

Is the President still acting like a President according to the Constitution? He says he taught Constitutional Law from 1992-2004 at the University of Chicago but are these the actions of a Constitutional Lawyer? Who, under the Constitution, holds the President accountable? Well, there is the Separation of Powers, but the Prog/Left gave up that responsibility at the SOTU address. There are the Republicans in the House, but they are the “lite” version of the Prod/Left. Except, of course, those few who agree with the terrorist faction called the “TEA party”; terrorist by definition of the Attorney General. There’s the media, who by the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights has the responsibility to hold government accountable. But it seems journalism has been replaced by protecting this President. Will the People hold this President accountable? With half the country on the dole, well they’ve been bought. And don’t even bring up impeachment since the Rule of Law has been replaced by the comfort of the populace, i.e. the popularity of the President, propped up by the compliant media, now holds sway over the law. It looks like there’s no one to hold Obama to his Constitutional authority.

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom