Every summer, my wife and I run a TNT Fireworks tent located in Loyal Plaza to help finance our sons’ college educations. We enjoy the opportunities this venture gives us to interact with the community and to make new friends.

On July 3, a strong thunderstorm roared through the area and completely destroyed our tent along with all of the product inside. We had items blown throughout the parking lot and beyond. As my wife, son and I were trying to pick up items that were blowing away and littering the surrounding area, several people came to our aid. These people withstood driving rain and wind to assist us in any way they could. From the girls at Rite-Aid to the guys at Staples, from strangers who were just passing by to our friends who knew we were in trouble and came running, from the gentleman who brought all of us ice cream sandwiches to our District Manager who drove 2 and a half hours, we say thank you. We were overwhelmed by the situation, but knowing we had caring people there to help us made it more bearable.

TNT Fireworks Company had another tent up and new product delivered by 10 p.m. that night. We were able to open back up for business on July 4th. We had an overwhelming presence of customers throughout the day, all of whom were glad to see that we weathered the storm and were able to provide them with fireworks to mark their 4th with color and excitement.

We will be forever grateful for the kindness and assistance that was shown/offered that day!

Robin Enderle


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom