The library and literacy

I read with interest your editorial on Friday, June 27th, headlined “Library reading program weapon to bolster literacy”.

Your article seems to jump back and forth between library and library system, which are two entirely different entities.

You are correct in stating that The Lycoming County Library System has a literacy program geared toward increasing literacy in the county through its Learning Center. You neglected to mention that The Learning Center serves adults only and that it is not funded through the County Library System but rather through The Lycoming United Way and various grants that the Learning Center Director, Linda Herr, applies for.

You also do not mention that The Learning Center pays the James V. Brown Library a sizable rental fee to be in their building.

We do indeed have a serious adult literacy issue in Lycoming County, but the summer reading program at the library is for a much different audience. I am not saying it is not worthy or valuable, because it is, but please do not confuse the two.

Any philanthropic dollars donated for literacy would not me used to support The Learning Center’s Adult Literacy Program. By the way, The Learning Center could also use your monetary donations and could also really use volunteer tutors for their one-on-one tutoring program.

The Learning Center trains their tutors well before they match them with an adult learner. Surely there are people out there who would be willing to donate 2 hours a week of their time working with another adult to improve their skills. Talk about a wise investment in the future of our community – a few dollars or a couple of hours of your time really isn’t too much to ask.

Rose M. Fry

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom