Unfair to landlords

Landlords are investing tons of money in this town as are the non profits!

Except the non profits aren ‘t paying for the fire hose! Landlords are paying 100s of thousands in tax dollars while Susquehanna Health and Pennsylvania College of Technology are eating up our land and paying nothing! Ben Franklin said everyone should chip in a nickel for the fire hose. If you go on the Lycoming county maps and look at the aerial view you will see how the percentage of taxable properties have changed in the last few years. The landlords are not playing on a level playing field!

In State College, the college pays impact fees, as the gas companies do, for the impact they have on the community! Penn State pays the borough of State College millions each year in lieu of taxes as should Penn Tech and Susquehanna Health and Lycoming College. Everyone should chip in a nickel for the fire hose. The landlords and the homeowners are not chipping in a nickel but hundreds of thousands of dollars while the non profits in this community take over all the land and contribute minimally!

How can the rental properties in the tradesman blocks attract good tenants with the perception of high crime? Heroin central, according to the Sun-Gazette. So we lower our rents so low and pay high taxes.

There are tons of police calls at Penn College and susquehanna Health. Penn College knocked down a former business building and it’s an empty lot and another non-taxable lot. We all pay more! If these colleges are so good for our city our taxes should be going down as should crime. Yet Penn College and the hospital are blocks away from high crime and our taxes are the highest in the county and according to the newspaper going up again! The homeowners and landlords are keeping this town afloat. Impact fees from the gas drilling were supposed to lower our taxes.

Mim Logue

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom