Welfare solution

I suggest a new Federal Welfare Law. This law will be based on a five year lifetime plan.

One can select 5 years in a row or 5 years for one’s lifetime. There is no renewal; after the benefits are used there is no renewal plan. The success of this plan is based on one’s survival instincts to succeed through one’s ability to work.

You may ask will this plan be proposed or voted on by our current legislature or current president. A big no; why in this day of vote counting will this not be proposed or enacted into law? I ask you another question would you vote for a law that may result in the lose of your election? There are those of us who worked all our life, paid our taxes and obeyed the law.

We are becoming a minority in a hurry; we need to ask how long before the taxpayers are out numbered by the taker of taxes for their income? You be the judge.

John T. Kovich


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom