A call to disband

Another letter attacking the United Nations as useless and unnecessary. Some cite that the United nations fosters anti-Americanism. Hate to break it to you if there was no United nations today there would still be anti-Americanism in the world.

If the charter for the United Nations was revoked tomorrow where does that leave the World Health Organization(WHO), UNESCO, UNICEF, World Food Organization(WFO) along with other United Nation organizations?

Another complaint is that the United States is only there to foot the bill. Revoke the charter and guess who will be expected to fill the void by itself, the United States and footing the bill.

The United Nations has had many successes as well as failures.

It has maintained a relative peace in the world. Yes, I know there is still conflicts but there has not been a WWIII nor have we burned the planet to a nuclear cinder. The United Nations has work in settling disputes all over the world. They have worked in International law and war crime tribunals.

In my opinion the United Nations is not perfect but until something better comes along we are better off with it. Maybe the member countries of the United Nations should leave their ego centrism at home but that is highly unlikely.

Charles M. Reeder